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Moncada House

The house is located in a consolidated urban structure, facing north and with very specific instructions by the client: The ground floor is to be used as a workplace (a dance hall), the first floor for living, and a terrace on the top floor. The project was resolved with maximum efficiency.

The ballroom opens to the street, inside the house, the spaces are arranged in parallel and surrounded by a double trajectory. At the rear of the house, the service elements and the staircase can be found. The traditional Valencian blinds are used as pieces that connect and separate all the spaces between them, providing the necessary privacy indoors and sieving the incoming light.

Light is the central theme of this house, we wanted it across the whole space; horizontal light through the façade and diagonal light from the volumes on the roof terrace. This operation is further accentuated by the use of pavement in macael marble and by the color white with wich all is resolved.


Moncada, Valencia

Mariela Apollonio

315 m²

Hugo Mompó
Ignacio González/César Román