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House in Carmen

This house is located within a three-storey building in the old quarter of Valencia, built in 1900. The project entails the reconstruction of the old roof and the demolition of all interior walls, leaving the interior empty and spacious.

The new roof is restored to its original condition with the use of Arabic curved tiles, revealing the interior wooden beams and ceramic tiles. The soffit, which was previously hidden by a false ceiling, has now become the main feature of the house.

Hoping to create maximum natural light, two levels are created, the lower for living and the upper for sleeping, connected by a staircase that aims to be a simple steel sculpture.

The house is a flexible environment, with the possibility of having one continuous space or various compartmentalised spaces, according to the needs of its occupants. Wood is the predominant material in this project and a single piece of furniture, also made of wood, provides all the storage that the house needs.


Barrio del Carmen, Valencia

Hugo Mompó
Juan Grau

Mariela Apollonio

90 m²

Nominated “Project of the year”. Plataforma de arquitectura