Featured projects


Nomination Proyect of the year
Archdaily-Plataforma de Arquitectura
The digital magazine Archdaily-Plataforma de Arquitectura nominates “House in Barrio del Carmen” project of the year 2016 representing the best architecture built recently in Spain and Latin America.


First price COACV
Official College Architects of Valencia
The jury of the XVII edition “Architecture Awards Official College Architects od Valencia” composed among other members by D. Luís Fernández Galiano and D. Rafael Durá Melis, awarded the first prize in the category of Interior Design to “Bullit Cyclery”



This exhibition brings together a selection of Mariela’s personal archive of architecture photography developed during the past six years. All the photographs are professional architectural orders and are part of a group of images that tell about an architectural project or a phase of its development.


Exhibition Arquitectura reciente
Valencia, 2015
The exhibition ‘Architecture Recent Valencia 2011-12-13′ includes a sample of Valencian architecture from the most recent years. 23 works selected by a technical jury and more than seventy performances covering a wide range of our practice. This call aims to support the VATS and publicize quality architecture. The initiative will be continued with lectures and visits.
This is a selection of 72 works in the province of Valencia between 2011 and 2013; 23 pieces were also highlighted by the jury for its special value and significance.

HM-Press-CIAB_3 copy

CIAB III – International Congress Arquitectura Blanca
Ed. General de Ediciones de Arquitectura
Valencia, 2008


In this third edition, white or colored concrete works were exhibited. Also, buildings built in prefabricated concrete. Lectures about historical character and theoretical nature, or the latest technological innovations developed by companies in the field of concrete were given.



T2 Exhibition
Sporting Club Russafa
March, 2008
Exhibition of the project for a single house in la Canyada at the Projects Polytechnic University of Valencia meeting celebrated at the Sporting Club Russafa.


First International PFC Awards
Madrid, 2008


Publication featuring the 50 selected projects among 265 proposals submitted from 32 different countries with varied architectural styles ranging from a metal recycling plant or a theater for magicians to different types of housing.


XXI Century Arquitectural Projects
Ed. Editorial UPV
Valencia, 2007


This publication contains a selection of the best thesis projects developed by several students of the School of Architecture of Valencia in 2006 and 2007.