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Visitor´s Center Moulay Bousselham

The project is developed as a place between the introversion and the openness to the views of the lagoon. An stereotomic space that borns from earth and a tectonic space in contact with heaven. The ground is carved to form the squares and the interior spaces. The architecture is absolutely uniform without singular points or certain scenic effects.

The visitor center appears as an link that resolves the connection between the town and the beach. A primary, pure, almost platonic and solid volume, in which by simple operations the space is introduced. The volume bring peace and calm in relation to the surrounding space.

Wander the building is the basis to understand the space. Valued, changing, compressed and decompressed spaces maximize the progress from light to darkness and shade. Everything is intertwined by the movement.

An architecture conflict is proposed. The conflict between DARK and LIGHT, FULL and EMPTY, MATERIALITY and IMMATERIALITY, INSIDE and OUT, SOUND and SILENCE…

Moulay Bousselham. Morocco

Finalist. International ACXT-IDOM Competition

XXI Century Arquitectural Projects. UPV 2007

Art Galery Edgar Neville in Alfafar. 2007