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Hotel Du Parc

The Residence Du Parc, one of the great expressions of Italian 70’s rationalism, was built by the architects Laura Petrazzini and Corrado Levi in 1971. Made entirely of visible reinforced concrete, its elegant architecture offers open and light spaces. Inside, it is possible to admire works of art from the sixties and early seventies. Amongst which: the parenthesis lamp by Achille Castiglioni and Piero Manzù, the Marsala (1971) chair by Michel Ducaroy, works by Michelangelo Pistoletto, pictures by Mario Schifano and many others.

The project starts with the intention to refurbish a number of original apartments in order to adapt to new regulations and provide them with a new character for their use.

In the first phase, two apartments were remodelled, by slightly modifying the original distribution and working on all the project elements, from interior design to the very details of decoration. This will be the starting point for the second phase of the project where work will be carried out on 28 apartments chosen by the owners.


Torino, Italy

Hugo Mompó
Catherine Grenier/ACDECO